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Couple Therapy

Couple Therapy

Not Available

90 minutes


Steam, Sauna, Jacuzzi
Essential Oil Therapy

Prices are Exclusive of GST 18 %

Fortune Resort, Kalimpong - Member ITC's hotel group, Basuri, Upper Cart Road, Kalimpong Khasmahal, Bul, Kalimpong, West Bengal, India

Embark on an intimate journey with a Couple's Massage, a shared experience designed to strengthen connections and enhance relaxation. This therapeutic escapade allows partners to unwind together, side by side, as skilled therapists weave their expertise. Through synchronized motions and tailored techniques, the Couple's Massage not only relieves muscle tension but also nurtures emotional intimacy. It's a chance to break free from daily routines and embrace togetherness in a tranquil atmosphere. Whether for anniversaries or romantic getaways, this unique massage offers a special opportunity to bond and rejuvenate as a pair. Rekindle romance and treasure moments of tranquility during this harmonious retreat.

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