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*Discount will be avail only on Full Body Therapy.
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🌟 Rejuvenate Your Senses at Gowps Spa, ITC Fortune Kalimpong! 🌟

Indulge in a world of tranquillity and wellness at Gowps Spa, nestled in the heart of the breathtaking Kalimpong hills. Discover a haven of relaxation where mind, body, and spirit unite for an unforgettable experience.

🌿 Immerse Yourself: Step into a realm of serenity as our skilled therapists pamper you with an array of rejuvenating treatments. From invigorating massages to soothing facials, every session is tailored to your unique needs.

🌄 Nature's Touch: Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of Kalimpong, our spa blends traditional techniques with modern therapies. Stresses of everyday life melt away as you're embraced by the calming ambience.

🌺 Holistic Wellness: Embrace holistic well-being as Gowps Spa focuses not only on outer rejuvenation but also on inner harmony. Leave feeling renewed, revitalized, and ready to take on the world.

🌅 Unwind and Uplift: Whether you're a traveller seeking solace or a local in need of self-care, Gowps Spa welcomes all. Treat yourself, a loved one, or even a group to a spa experience that uplifts the spirit.

🌟 Discover Gowps Spa: Your path to relaxation and vitality awaits at ITC Fortune Kalimpong. Book your revitalizing escape today and let GOWPS Spa be your oasis of calm in the midst of the hills.

Spa Massage at gowps spa
Book now and get 20% OFF
T&C Apply


Massage Oil

Swedish Therapy

60 minutes: Rs.3000

90 minutes: Rs.4000

Aromatherapy Massage

Aroma Therapy

60 minutes: 4000

90 minutes: 5000


Shiatsu Therapy

60 minutes: 3000

90 minutes: 3000


Balinese Therapy

60 minutes: 5000

90 minutes: 6500

Pressure Point Massage

Deep Tissue Therapy

60 minutes: 3500

90 minutes: 4500

Head Massage

Couple Therapy

60 minutes: Nill

90 minutes: 10,000

Back Massage

Basic Back Therapy

30 minutes: Rs.1500

Foot Massage

Foot Therapy

30 minutes: Rs.1500

Massage Therapy

Jet Lag Therapy

45 minutes: Rs. 2200

Spa Treatment Stones

Aroma Back Therapy

30 minutes: Rs.1800

Head Massage

Scalp & Decollete

30 minutes: Rs. 1500

Pressure Point Massage

Deep Tissue BackTherapy

30 minutes: Rs.1800

Thai Massage

Signature Back Therapy

45 minutes: Rs. 2200

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