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Premium Disposables and Linens

For your Property and for your Guests

"We understand the cost that effect your monthly costing that's why we offer minimum cost but premium Disposable products."

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Introducing GOWPS Wellness Disposable Bedsheets: the epitome of sustainability without compromising luxury. Crafted with eco-friendly materials, our premium disposable bedsheets offer unparalleled comfort and durability at unbeatable prices. Ideal for hotels, spas, and more, choose GOWPS for a greener, more luxurious experience without breaking the bank.

White Sheet

We believed in Green and we supply Disposables Bedsheet to reduce a Contamination & Cross - Contamination.

Rs . 16/-

Exclusive of GST 5 %

Premium Disposable

Rs . 15/- 

Exclusive of GST 5%

Disposable undergarments

Premium Dispo Undergarments by GOWPS Wellness provide unparalleled comfort and support for all your spa and activity needs.

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